Projects I have worked on

Churn Analysis and Prediction

November 2019

Performing Data Exploration, Visualization, Preprocessing and Machine Learning to analyze and predict potential churn customers

Apache Airflow

February 2019

Design and build multiple ELT pipelines and automation projects on GCP Cloud Composer.

Visualization and Exploration

October 2019

Initialize data exploration and visualization to further understand datasets.

Google Drive Pipeline

April 2019

Design custom pipeline extracting data from Google Drive into Google BQ.

Apache Beam

October 2019

Design streaming pipelines, extracting data from Google Pubsub into Google BQ.

Job Description Prediction

June 2019

Machine Learning Project that generates job description based on features.



Hello, my name is Nicholas Leong.
I am a data scientist, currently working in an online classifieds tech company. In my years of experience, I have fully designed batch and streaming pipelines, improved data warehousing solutions and performed machine learning projects for the organization.

During my free time, I like to work on my own projects to improve my skills. I also write about my work, projects and experiences to share them with the world. It's been a great journey so far.

My goal is to provide value to society.
Data is my pathway towards that goal.


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